Local Knowledge, Solid Commitment.



After 22 years in the Sea to Sky Corridor working as a reporter, writer, contractor and local government planner, my family and I purchased a small farm on Collins Rd last September. Here, we will raise a family, farm garlic and work from home in this great place. With a rural lifestyle, we can live, work and play on this land. Fresh perspective, passion and progress are the qualities I would bring to Area C residents. I am not interested in being a politician, I am interested in representing and advocating for the needs of Area C folks. We are all in this together. I will listen to you. We can collaborate together as neighbours, build stronger partnerships with the Village of Pemberton, local First Nations and develop stronger, more resilient local communities and economies through a shared commitment to efficient collaboration and effective communication.

SLRD Area C is a vast, diverse area with great people and a lot of opportunity. Rooted in a rural vibe, Area C was built by farmers, loggers and adventurous, hardy folks. By getting involved as your director, I would like to represent all the residents of Area C as we tap into that historical vein, building bridges between communities, economic sectors and people. I want to raise my children here, respectful of those who came before, and responsible for our shared future. As a communicator, I want to listen to understand the opportunities facing Area C, as we move from planning to action together. I look forward to the opportunity this election will allow the people of Area C to have a deliberate conversation focussed on what connects us as neighbours and working to bridge gaps between communities in a progressive, positive way. With three Area C candidates running, it will be a great opportunity to get folks engaged. Our rural character and pioneer history gives us the potential of the present and the opportunities of the future. Many of those pioneer families are still here, providing the strong foundation we can build on.

I am trained as a journalist, facilitator and communicator. I moved to the region in 1992 with a job as a reporter at the Whistler Question. In 1994, I started Pique Newsmagazine with three partners and spent the next decade chronicling the stories of Sea to Sky country in local newspapers, national and international ski and travel magazines. In 2007, I was hired at the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). At the RMOW I worked on community engagement, communications and implementation programs for Whistler2020, Whistler's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. In 2010, I served as a Public Information Officer at Canada Whistler Olympic House during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Following that, I lead the RMOW team and community engagement for Whistler's Official Community Plan update. Most recently, I was the staff lead on Whistler Village 3.0, a neighbourhood-level community enhancement project. Since July of this year I am dedicating my time to our developing farm and new clients for my consulting company.

Kevin lives on Collins Rd. with his partner Leslie, a ski instructor and two boys, 11-year-old Winter and 8-year-old Chance. They have a dog, cat, turtle, four hens and a rooster.


Winter, Leslie, Chance and Kevin high in the Coast Mountains

I am looking forward to meeting as many Area C residents on the campaign trail. Let's talk. Feel free to call/text 604.698.6030, email kdamaskie@gmail.com, check out my website and www.kevindamaskie.com or join the conversation on my Facebook group: Area C SLRD - VOTE Kevin Damaskie. Please vote November 15. Your voice is valued and valid.